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Joining the Honors Program After Transferring

Become a Provost Scholar
Benefits of Joining

1. Honors courses are:

  • distinguished by smaller class size (typically 20 or fewer students)

  • academically rigorous and include enriched learning activities

  • communication and collaboration-intensive

2. Honors students receive Honors advisement, which takes a developmental approach, focusing on academic, professional, and personal development.

3. Honors enrichment activities which include monthly discussions with faculty, the Free (Thinking) Lunch series, and Faculty Foray trips around New York City.  At this time, Provost Scholars do not receive scholarships; qualified students may wish to apply for one of the merit scholarships offered through the Office of Student Development. Academic enrichment grants are available for special activities, such as study abroad.

Once entering the program, scholars are required to:

  • maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5

  • complete at least 15 hours of community service each academic year and

  • attend a minimum of one cultural event each semester.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad and conduct independent research.

To be eligible for admission, students should have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.  Admission is competitive and is based on:

  • academic and community engagement,

  • demonstrated commitment to the values of the Honors Program, and

  • ability to complete the required number of honors classes.

    • As part of the application process, students are asked to submit an academic plan to complete 10 Honors courses; in some cases, it may not be possible.  A resume, transcript, and brief essay is also required.

How to apply
1. Take an Honors course

  • Students with at least a 3.5 GPA are allowed to enroll in an Honors course on a space-available basis, without any special permission from the Honors program. Students with a 3.4 GPA can request special permission to enter an Honors class from

  • The Honors courses that a student takes before applying to the Provost Scholar counts towards the 10 Honors courses needed to complete the program.

    • For instance, if a student takes 2 Honors courses by time of enrolling into the program, the student will only need to complete an additional 8 Honors courses.

2. Complete an application and request an Honors recommendation

  • After completing 1-2 two Honors courses, students apply to the program by submitting an Application and request their Honors faculty member(s) submit a Recommendation form(s) to Honors.  Eligible students will be invited to an interview.  Students may apply to and join both Provost Scholars as well as the Zicklin Honors Program.

    • Deadlines: Applications are are accepted for Fall and Spring admission and are due by the final day of class of the semester in which you are applying.

    • Feel free to contact Ms. Osei for assistance with selecting honors courses and crafting your academic plan for your Provost Scholar application.