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Dean of Students Office

Dean of Students

In partnership with various campus stakeholders, the Office of the Dean of Students supports students in navigating their academic, social, emotional, and financial needs. The office promotes and advocates for the integrity, accountability, safety, wellbeing, and equity of all students.

Additionally, the office manages matters (often times of a confidential and personal nature) involving a variety of campus constituents, with particular focus on addressing student requests, adjudicating disciplinary matters through the administration and interpretation of the student code of conduct, responding to troubling behavior reported to the Campus Intervention Team (CIT), and developing students as responsible citizens and members of the Baruch community.

Further, the office advocates on behalf of students and takes action following significant events that may impact the campus community. Our bottom-line is supporting students’ academic success by providing initiatives that help students make ethical decisions, stay safe and healthy, and prepare for their future endeavors upon graduation.

The office also provides support for activities generated both within the Division of Student Affairs and college-wide.

Students, parents, faculty, and staff are welcome to consult with us on the following:

  • Academic integrity violations and appeal processes

  • Dean’s Certification Form for graduate or professional school (only releases information on student discipline)

  • Disciplinary investigations and sanctions

  • Emergency funding requests

  • Faculty and staff concerns regarding student conduct

  • Illegal use of alcohol and other drugs

  • Living in campus housing

  • Medical withdrawals

  • Reporting and responding to students of concern

  • Referrals to campus resources

  • Sexual harassment, sexual violence, and stalking (Title IX concerns)

  • Student concerns and grievances regarding faculty, staff, and other students

  • Understanding student rights and responsibilities