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Campus Safety and Security Policies

Department of Public Safety


Your Baruch CUNYCard ID is your first Step for a safe campus. Display it upon entering any Baruch College building. Showing the card is mandatory; not an inconvenience. Invalid ID cards will be confiscated by a security officer or the ID Center.

General Guest Policy
.All guests visiting a Baruch College building must be signed in to the visitor's log located in the lobby of each building. Visitors will be signed in by the Public Safety Officer only if the visitor displays valid Photo ID. (i.e. driver's license). If the visitor does not display valid photo ID., he/she will not be admitted to the building. In this case, Public Safety Officer will notify their immediate supervisor.

 Events/Office Visitor Policy:

To insure that guests invited to your office/events within the campus are allowed to enter college buildings. You should send the following information on letterhead with your signature or on behalf of your Department designee, to the Public Safety Office early enough to be received at least 24 hours before the visit:

  • your name and campus extension and/or a phone where you can be reached 

  • the room destination of the guest

  • the name of the guest and time of expected arrival

You may fax the information (on letterhead with your signature) to 646 660-6001 or email to:

Faculty Guest Policy:

To insure that guests invited to your class (or other location within the campus) are allowed to enter college buildings; You should send the following information on letterhead with your signature or on behalf of your Department designee, to the Public Safety Office a minimum of 24 hours before the visit:

  • your name and campus extension and/or a phone number where he/she can be reached 

  • the room the guest will go to

  • the name of the guest and time of expected arrival

You may fax the information (on letterhead with your signature) to 646 660-6001 or email to:

Walk-in Faculty visitor, Faculty must accompany the visitor and confirmed with the Faculty in order to sign in.

 Faculty textbook publisher visit policy:

Representatives from textbook publishers can provide very helpful resources, both to the books themselves and sometimes to the use of ancillary materials of increasing technical complexity. We welcome their scheduled visits to campus to visit members of the faculty who have invited them. At the same time, many colleagues have complained about other activities by some representatives: specifically, uninvited and unscheduled approaches, usually to solicit use of the textbooks they represent.

 It is in that context that the college has had in place for several years the following policy by which invited reps are welcome on campus so long as:

  • Security is notified in writing at least 24 hours in advance of the visit;

  • the faculty member who has invited the rep (or a designee) meets the rep at the security desk at the appointed time and escorts him or her to the office or classroom;

  • when the scheduled visit is over, the faculty member (or designee) escorts the rep to the exit.

Baruch College – A Smoke-Free Campus
Smoking is NOT permitted in any building throughout the City University of New York system. This means NO SMOKING by anyone, anywhere.

Regarding Children on Campus (Policy and Procedures)

In the Fall of 1999, the College established a policy regarding the issue of employees bringing children on campus.  I take this opportunity to remind you of that policy, clarify it, and appreciate your continued cooperation in observing it.  For the purposes of this policy, a "child" is defined as a person below the age of 18 years old.

Baruch College has an obligation to its students, employees, and visitors to conduct its operations and maintain its facilities in a manner consistent with its mission as an institution of higher education.

In general, employees are prohibited from bringing children on campus except as permitted by this policy to ensure that employees, students and visitors are not exposed to harm or risks to their health, safety, and welfare.  Children in the workplace create potential liabilities for the College, Departments, Offices, and managers themselves.  Due to the potential health risks to others, children with a communicable illness cannot be brought to campus.

However, Baruch College, as an equal opportunity employer, is committed to equal access to employment conditions regardless of an individual's status with respect to other family members or dependent care.  Moreover, the College is committed to promoting an equitable culture that is supportive of the needs and career aspirations of employees and creating "Family friendly" work strategies to assist staff trying to balance the various demands of work and family responsibilities.


The College acknowledges that despite the range of childcare options available, there may be emergencies and unavoidable rare instances where family responsibility conflicts with work commitments and where all reasonable attempts to make alternative arrangements have been unsuccessful.

  • Consider all the options first.  The college provides different types of leave to cover a variety of situations,  Supervisors should, after carefully considering the needs of the Department, be as accommodating as possible in granting or advancing leave to the employee as an alternative in such instances.

  • Employees should contact their immediate manager/supervisor (preferably in advance or as soon as possible) to discuss their situation and to seek permission to have the child accompany the employee to the workplace regardless of the destination of the employee and child on campus.

  • Employees must receive approval from their immediate manager or supervisor regardless of their destination and only after that manager or supervisor has secured permission from the manger or supervisor of the intended destination.

  • Child may visit College offices and facilities that are not hazardous.  They may not visit laboratories and areas that are intrinsically hazardous.

  • Children may not  be brought into classrooms.

  • Employees must ensure that other users of these facilities are not inconvenienced by the dependent's presence.

  • Children brought into the College must be under the direct supervision of the accompanying employee at all times they are present on College premises.  Supervision should  not be delegated to another individual.

  • Employees must be aware that the ultimate responsibility for the behavior and safety of their children rests with them.

  • Employees must sign their children in and out at public safety/security desks as any other visitor, clearly indicating their destination and contact number at that location.  On the rare occasion of these visits, children will be subject to the same conditions as any other 'visitor' to the College.

  • Public Safety/Security should have been provided with a copy of approval form signed by the employee's Manager/Supervisor before the employee and child arrives.  The form can be faxed to Public Safety at (646)660-6001.  Employees should retain the original of this form.

  • If at any time, an employees and their child are directed to vacate the College premises by their manager/supervisor or a member of Public Safety/Security, for any reason, the employee and child are to comply immediately.

  • While each employee and child is responsible for abiding by workplace rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines, managers and supervisors are responsible for oversight and compliance.  As a courtesy, a copy of this policy should be conspicuously posted as well as distributed to the members of your department.


  • Visits that are 30 minutes or less- It is accepted that there will be situations when children will accompany employees for incidental, brief visits.  Permission for these incidental, brief visits are not necessary however, all other requirements of this policy must be adhered to. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure compliance with this 30-minute exception.  Abuse of this policy by individuals, will result in cancellation of this exception for everyone.

  • Visits that will exceed 3 hours- Every attempt should be made to limit stays to 1-2 hours.  If the child will be on campus for more than 3 hours or on consecutive days, managers and supervisors must consult with their appropriate Dean of Vice President before granting approval and completing the process.

 For future reference, a copy of this policy and form will be available on the office of Human resource Management's website

In the event of a dispute or for clarification of this policy, the parties should contact the Office of Human Resource Management.

Property Removal

·  On-Campus Property Relocation Form:

BEFORE AN ASSET IS MOVED, the individual requesting the move MUST complete the On-Campus Property Relocation Form, and notify BCTC or Department IT personnel to relocate the equipment A completed copy of the form MUST be forwarded to the Facilities Property Coordinator.  Fill out the On-Campus Property Relocation Form.

The purpose of this procedure is to facilitate the record keeping required by the City University of New York. This communication allows the Facilities Property Coordinator to insure the accuracy of maintaining the college’s inventory and the integrity of the database.

·  Off-Campus Permit:

BEFORE AN ASSET IS TO BE LOCATED OFF-CAMPUS, the Faculty/Staff in possession of the equipment MUST complete the Off-Campus Permit and obtain all required signatures.  Fill out the Off-Campus Permit.

Note 1: The Director/Chairperson must approve any item that is located off-campus by signing the Permit. If an item is moved from the campus for the first time, Public Safety must sign as well. A completed copy of the Off Campus Permit MUST be forwarded to the Facilities Property Coordinator.
Note 2: ALL Off-Campus inventorial equipment MUST have a CUNY Barcode label affixed to the item(s).  If it does not, please contact the Facilities Property Coordinator.

Special Assistance
To provide a safe environment for Baruch faculty and staff personnel, the Public Safety Department requests that those who have health issues and work on weekends or outside of business hours (9 am to 10 pm) inform the Public Safety Office in writing of their schedule and special needs.

Off-Hour Access
Baruch College's policy for off-hour access distinguishes between two different circumstances: (1) buildings are open, but no classes are scheduled, or (2) buildings are closed and classes are not in session.

When buildings are open and there are no classes scheduled, faculty and staff are given normal access to their offices. If a visitor has an appointment with a staff or faculty member, the public safety officer will contact the staff/faculty member and inform the member that the visitor is in the lobby. If the staff/faculty member agrees to meet with the visitor, the public safety officer will print the visitor's name on the sign-in sheet. All visitors must show photo identification before being admitted.

When buildings are closed and classes are not in session, no one will be admitted without proper authorization and a valid Baruch I.D. Proper authorization means that an off-hour access notification form is prepared indicating the date, time, building, room, name of the person to gain access, and the reason. This form will be prepared by the Public Safety Office Administrative Assistant between the hours of 9 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday. The public safety officer will print the name of each person and their destination on the sign-in sheet when he/she arrives. Everyone must sign out when leaving the building. Should plans change during non-business hours, please call the Public Safety Department (646-660-6000) and we will make sure the appropriate forms are completed for pickup on arrival at the college.

It is imperative we know of your presence in the building. If there are any questions concerning the off-hour access policy, please call the Public Safety Department at 646-660-6000 and we will assist you.

Accessibility to places within Baruch
Fire Department regulations and building management policy stipulate that all locked areas in office buildings must be accessible. These rules protect life and property in the event of fire or other emergency (broken pipe, electrical malfunction, etc.). Therefore, do not secure any space with a lockset not installed by the college locksmith. If you do, the lock will be removed and replaced by the locksmith with an approved Baruch lockset.

Building Evacuations
In the rare event that we have to evacuate personnel from a building, Baruch Public Safety will initiate the following policy:

  • A message will be transmitted over the public address system informing people that they must leave the building immediately. You will receive directions to use the nearest available stairwell. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS and DO NOT PANIC. Members of the Baruch Public Safety office and fire wardens will assist in the evacuation process.

  • If there is a power failure, there will be no public address message transmitted. In this case, Baruch Public Safety officers will respond and direct an orderly evacuation. The stairwells will be illuminated by emergency back-up lighting. As in all emergency evacuations, DO NOT USE ELEVATORS and DO NOT PANIC.

  • In the event of an emergency, particularly a fire, Public Safety needs to be able to locate faculty and staff members who might need special assistance. If you have such a need, let the Director of Public Safety know. All disclosures will be kept confidential.

Mail Safety
The likelihood of receiving a bomb in the mail is extremely remote; however, be aware of the following:

A bomb can be enclosed in a parcel or an envelope and can be extremely dangerous. However, mail bombs have some unique characteristics, which, if recognized, can prevent a tragedy.

Mail bombs may bear restricted endorsements such as "Personal," "Private," or "Confidential." If the addressee does not ordinarily receive this type of mail, be suspicious. The addressee's name or title may be inaccurate or misspelled. The package may contain excessive postage to assure delivery, and the return address may be missing, inaccurate or show a cancellation/ postmark different from the return address. The name and address may be in distorted handwriting, prepared with homemade labels or cut-and paste lettering. The item may have protruding wires, foil, oil stains or may emit a strange odor. Envelopes may be rigid or bulky in the center. The handler may hear sloshing, buzzing or ticking sound.

If you are suspicious of a mailing and are unable to verify the contents with the addressee or sender, do not take a chance: leave the envelope/parcel where it is, evacuate the immediate area and notify Public Safety's EMERGENCY line (646) 660-3333, without delay. DO NOT OPEN the item or tamper with it in any way.

Please call the Public Safety Department at 646-660-6000 regarding any questions or concerns.

Reserving Baruch College Facilities
All activities other than regularly scheduled classes are considered special events. Such events must follow the facilities-use procedures described below:

  1. Fill out the Reservation Application Form. The form is available in department offices or from the Office of Conference Services: 151 E. 25th Street, Room 759 (646-312-1442; 646-312-1441 fax).

  2. Contact Crescentia Coutinho (646-312-1442) to determine availability, catering, media needs, and billings.

  3. Conference Services and Security will review all events and will assess the level of coverage required. Each event will require security approval. Should security determine a major potential problem with a proposed event, the event will be suspended until all outstanding security issues are resolved.

Following the procedures and filing a reservation application allows an Events Calendar to be prepared. This calendar allows senior officers of the college to be aware of events taking place on campus, and allows offices responsible for scheduling and control to cross-check their information. Any event sponsored by or connected to Baruch College must fill out a reservation application. All applications must be submitted thirty (30) days in advance and all fees are due two weeks in advance of the event.


To obtain a key for an office, desk, or cabinet, an employee of Baruch College must contact their office chairperson or office manager. The manager will then use the college’s work order system to request the keys. All keys for doors are issued to individuals, so full names are required when filling out the request. Keys must not be transferred between individuals.

If a key is lost, and the request is for a replacement key, that must be noted on the request. When certain keys are lost or stolen, it will be required for the holder of that key to fill out an incident report with the college Public Safety Department. If the keys were lost on campus, check with Lost and Found at 646 660-6000. Lost or stolen keys are never replaced immediately.

Cameras(CCTV) in School Facilities

The Department of Public Safety periodically performs surveys of closed-circuit cameras in our buildings. Installation and use of unauthorized cameras violate BCTC policy and NY State or Federal law.

Any unauthorized cameras found on campus will be removed without further notice.

William and Anita Newman Library – Access Policy
Access to the Newman Library is generally restricted to members of the City University of New York (CUNY) community who present valid identification.

The CUNY Community:

  • Current Students

  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Baruch Alumni* (Other cuny alumni have access only to their home campus library), This is the CUNY Policy, you may view the CUNY website :Policies and Guidelines for CUNY Libraries

  • Retired Faculty & Staff


Library Homepage
Newman Library Building – Computer Labs

BCTC Lab is restricted to Baruch College Students, Faculty, and Staff use ONLY.

You MUST have a active Baruch ID Card to use the Lab.

Continuing Education students and Alumni are not permitted to use the open computer Labs on the 6 floor or In the VC building. However the Alumni are permitted to use the computer lab in the Library, Room 545 and Continuing Education students are to use Continuing Education Labs in the 23rd Street Building.