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Application for Graduation

Undergraduate students must file an Application for Graduation for their degree prior to their last semester in which all the requirements for the degree will be completed. This application can be filed at the Office of the Registrar or using the application within CUNYfirst (see Academic Calendar for deadlines). A student cannot be recommended for their degree at the end of the semester without having submitted an application by the posted deadline.

 An application for a degree will not be carried forward from one semester to the next. A new application must be filed for the term in which the degree will be awarded.

 Students who are found to be on track to earn their degree for the requested graduation date may not rescind their request in order to take additional classes past their degree requirements.

 Degrees are conferred three times a year:

  • January 1 (finishing in Fall term of the same year)

  • June 1 (finishing in Spring term of the same year)

  • September 1 (finishing in Summer session of the same year)

"Graduation" or "conferral of degree" are synonymous. They refer to the date that the degree is awarded. "Commencement" is the ceremony that is held once a year in late May or early June. Attendance at Commencement is not a guarantee of degree conferral. For information about Commencement, please check with the Office of Student Life (Newman Vertical Campus, Room 2-210) or visit Commencement @ Baruch.

No changes will be made to students' academic records after the degree has been awarded.

All degree requirements must be met before the date the degree is conferred. This includes:

  • Resolution of incomplete/temporary grades (INC, PEN, ABS)

  • Grade change (Grades will not be changed after the degree is conferred.)

  • Submission of major project, thesis, or comprehensive exams

  • Permit and study abroad course grades (An official transcript from the host college must be submitted to the Registrar's Office at Baruch College. It is not recommended to go on permit or study abroad during your final semester, as it may jeopardize your graduation.)


The diplomas for both undergraduate and graduate students are available approximately 6-8 weeks after the degree conferral date. Once they are ready, we will send an email to your Baruch webmail account with instructions for picking up your diploma.

Graduates who wish to change their address can fill out an Address Change Form.You may request to have your diploma mailed if you reside outside the five boroughs of NYC. To have the diploma mailed to you, follow the instructions stated on the Request for Diploma to be Mailed form. The letter must contain your name, date of birth, social security or ID number, a copy of your photo ID, and the complete mailing address of where you would like your diploma sent. Diplomas mailed to addresses outside of the U.S. frequently take several weeks to arrive from the date that they are sent. It is strongly recommended that you authorize a proxy located in the New York City area to pick up the diploma instead of international mailing, if at all possible. The Office of the Registrar is not responsible for diplomas that are lost in the mail.

Cancellation of Graduation:

Students who file for graduation during their final semester are not allowed to enroll in any courses for the semester after graduation. Once you have met all degree requirements, you must graduate and are not permitted to continue taking additional courses. If you wish to take additional courses, you must be admitted to a new degree program or enroll in courses as a non-degree-seeking student.

If you need to change your expected date of graduation or are denied graduation you must submit a revised Application for Graduation to the Office of the Registrar. At this point your record will be reactivated allowing registration for the subsequent semester (only if degree requirements have not been met). Once the graduation application has been cancelled, students must reapply for graduation.