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Dean's Scholars Program

Program Requirements

Dean's Scholars are required to maintain (1) full-time status. Student must complete a minimum of 12 credits each fall and each spring semester AND (2) must maintain a minimum overall GPA of a 3.2. Students who do not meet these criteria will be placed on DS Probation. Students who fail to meet the criteria for two semesters during their four years in the program will be dismissed after their second violation. NOTE: Grades in the summer and winter session may adversely affect a student's standing in the program.


Scholars are encouraged to notify their advisor before dropping, adding or changing a class.
International and Out-of-State scholars must consult with his/her advisor before dropping any courses, otherwise he/she may be liable for paying the cost of tuition for the number of credits being dropped. International scholars are required to maintain full-time status and will not be permitted to fall below full-time status.

Financial Aid

Dean's Scholars must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually. To sign the FAFSA electronically, the student (and his/her parent if dependent) must also obtain a Federal Student Aid Identification; Baruch's Federal Code is 007273.

New York state residents must also complete the TAP application (Code 1409) at (if bypassed during the FAFSA submission). Both applications must be finalized by March 15.

Undocumented and international students should not submit the FAFSA or TAP application.

The Dean's Scholars Program provides students with a full-time, in-state tuition scholarship (up to 8 consecutive semesters) after all other grants and gift aid have been applied. Awards are applicable exclusively to the fall and spring semesters only.

The Dean's Scholars Program does not change the student's residency status.

Dean's Scholars are financially responsible for the Student Activities, Technology, and Change of Program fees (if applicable) every semester. For more detailed information on tuition and fees, please click here.


Dean's Scholars must maintain a minimum overall GPA of a 3.2 and maintain full-time status (fall and spring). Students who do not meet these criteria will be placed on Dean's Scholars Probation. Students who fail to meet the criteria for two semesters during their four years in the program will be dismissed from the Dean's Scholars Program after their second violation.

Students who are unable to raise their GPA (either because it is mathematically impossible, or they do not earn the necessary grades) will be removed from the Dean's Scholars Program. These students will have the opportunity to file an appeal requesting the scholarship be reinstated based on extenuating circumstances. Please note: Filing an appeal application does NOT guarantee reinstatement into the the Dean's Scholarship Program.


An appeals committee will review the cases of students who have not met the academic standards of the DS program for two semesters (thus removed from the program). Please note: filing an appeal application does NOT guarantee reinstatement into the Dean's Scholars Program. If a student is dismissed from the program he/she must return his/her laptop.

Additional Policies

Four-Year Completion Requirement:

Dean's Scholars must complete their degree requirements within the four calendar years (48 months) from their starting semester. Students who do not register for one or more semesters will not be given extensions. They will be allowed to re-enter Baruch as a Dean's Scholar given that the student maintained good standing (minimum required) prior to their skipped semester, however the scholarship will only continue through the original 48 months, i.e. the scholarship clock will not stop.

Academic Advisement (Mandatory)

Dean's Scholars are required to meet with their assigned Academic Advisor twice a semester. If a DS student does not meet with an advisor, a hold will be placed on their records.
Students who do not meet with their advisor at least twice a semester will forfeit priority registration.
Dean's Scholars must also consult and/or inform their respective Academic Advisor if they plan to enroll in other CUNY College(s) for any approved class/credit. A prior approval must be secured from his/her Academic Advisor.
Dean's Scholars must also consult with their advisor if they want to drop below full-time status. Approval is on a case-by-case basis. The students failure to get permission from the advisor to drop below full-time status will result in the student being placed on DS probation.
Note: While it is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that DS students consult with their advisor before withdrawing from a course even if the student will maintain full-time status after withdrawing.

Laptop Policy

If the laptop is lost or stolen, the student must immediately notify Public Safety and the Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management. Loss or theft of the laptop, must also be reported to NYPD and a police report must be filed.

Please submit a Police Report to the Vice President's office within 48 hours of the incident. Failure to secure and submit a police report may result in personal liability for replacement cost.

If a student is dismissed from the program the laptop must be returned. Laptops must also be checked in each year.