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Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge (SEEK) Program

SEEK, CD, Bilingual

SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge) is a New York State program at CUNY’s senior and comprehensive colleges designed to assist students who are both academically and financially disadvantaged. CD (College Discovery) is the companion program funded by the City of New York at the community colleges.


To receive SEEK or CD funding students must complete both the FAFSA and TAP applications and must register as a full-time student. Admission into the SEEK or CD program is part of the CUNY admissions process.


A typical opportunity program student begins by taking both credit and non-credit courses, depending upon his/her level in reading, writing, mathematics and speech/communications skills. The SEEK and College Discovery programs offer a pre-freshman summer program that students must attend for 6 weeks with instruction in reading, writing, math and sciences as well as programs including basic skills, for students throughout their undergraduate studies. Tutoring is offered on an individual or small group basis with flexible hours adapted to students’ schedules. Opportunity program students whose native language is not English will take English as a second language. These courses enable them to improve their English while taking courses in regular subjects.


Opportunity program counselors assist throughout the school year with academic career, personal, and financial aid problems. They also conduct freshman orientation classes, seminars, workshops, and conferences for opportunity program students.

Financial Assistance

Opportunity program students receive various forms of financial aid. Tuition is usually paid through TAP. Federal Pell grants assist in paying non-tuition costs. Opportunity program students who have properly documented financial need may also receive a stipend (fixed amount) to cover books and college costs.

Economic Guidelines Chart


Frequently Asked Questions

You Are Planning On Transferring And Were Not In An Opportunity Program At Your Original College. Can You Apply For An Opportunity Program Now?

No. You must have been accepted into and participated in an opportunity program when you first began college.